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Gamers Guild - Begumpet: Hyderabad's Premier eSports Center & Social Hub

Welcome to Gamers Guild - Begumpet, the ultimate destination for gamers across Hyderabad. As a premier eSports center and social hub, we redefine the concept of traditional LAN centers and gaming cafes. Our friendly and experienced staff, top-of-the-line gaming infrastructure, and exclusive eSports tournaments league create an unparalleled gaming experience.

India's Largest 240Hz Cafe: Experience gaming like never before at Gamers Guild - Begumpet, boasting India's largest 240Hz Cafe. Our high-end PCs are specifically designed to deliver exceptional performance on the 240Hz Monitors, providing you with the smoothest and most immersive gaming experience. Choose from a wide range of your favorite games, including Valorant, CSGO, DOTA 2, PUBG, Fortnite, APEX Legends, League of Legends, Rocket League, and many more from our extensive game library.

Diverse Entertainment Options: Take a break from PC gaming and explore our additional attractions. Engage in thrilling battles at our Laser Tag arena or challenge yourself with captivating real-life escape rooms. Celebrate special occasions or enjoy quality time with family and friends while experiencing unique entertainment in our world-class facilities.

Open 7 Days a Week: We are open seven days a week to cater to your gaming needs. Feel free to visit us any time at Gamers Guild - Begumpet and immerse yourself in the world of gaming excellence.

For more information, contact us now to plan your visit and elevate your gaming experience.

  • 240 hz monitors
  • Zowie Mouse, Mouse pads & Bungees
  • Logitech Keyboards
  • Pro headphones 
  • High quality chairs from Eblue
  • Esports Ready
  • Centrally located
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